Tacoma Speeding Ticket Infraction Attorney

Traffic infractions are non-criminal offenses, which means there is a risk of a fine, but not jail. A typical infraction is a speeding ticket, but that there are numerous other infractions. Other than a financial penalty, the biggest harm from an infraction is the effect it can have on your insurance premiums.

In general, when facing an infraction such as a speeding ticket, the goal is to get the ticket dismissed. If the ticket is not dismissed, the next best resolution is to convince the prosecutor to amend the infraction to a non-moving violation, which does not go on the person’s driving record that is reported to insurance companies (so the person’s insurance rates should not increase). All moving violations are listed under WAC 308-104-160. So if an infraction is not listed under WAC 308-104-160, it is considered a non-moving violation. Another option is a deferred finding, where the infraction is dismissed after a fine is paid and the person can go a period of time without another infraction. However, a person only gets one deferred finding on a moving violation every seven years. See RCW 46.63.070.

If you have an infraction anywhere in Pierce, King, Thurston, or Kitsap Counties, contact me at (206) 218-4502 or email for a free consultation. I typically charge $175 to $400 depending on the type of infraction. The money you spend on an attorney is typically less than the increase in your insurance premiums. Plus, your attorney can appear in court on your behalf (so no need to go to court, ever).

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