Pre-Trial Hearings

After the arraignment hearing, the court will set a pre-trial hearing (readiness hearing in Snohomish County). Ideally, prior the pre-trial hearing, everyone will have obtained an attorney and had some time to go over the police report to determine if there are any defense or issues. The pre-trial hearing is essentially a status hearing where the attorney will give the court an update; either you are ready to resolve your case, your attorney needs more time to investigate the case and negotiate with the prosecutor, or you have decided to exercise your right to trial, and would like a trial date be set. To continue the pre-trial, the court will generally require a speedy trial waiver. Everyone charged with a crime has a Constitutional right to a speedy trial. CrRLJ 3.3 requires trial to occur within 90 days of the arraignment hearing, or 60 days if the person is in custody. The court will generally allow a pre-trial continuance but will want a speedy trial waiver filed that effectively gives the court an extension on the speedy trial rule.

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